ESAB Launches Digital Multi-process Inverters

October 11, 2019

Shanghai China, October 11, 2019 - ESAB, the world-leading manufacturer and supplier of welding and cutting equipment, system and material, recently launched a new series of digital multi-process inverter specially designed for Asian market. The new product demonstrates ESAB’s long-term commitment of helping Asian manufacturers improve their efficiency of equipment manufacturing and move towards digital production. 

This new series of inverter comes with two models, namely Fabricator™ Mig 350P and 500P. Both models adopt mature full-digital inverter control technology and are applicable for various welding processes. It is set to appeal to many different markets including automotive, sheet metal, shipbuilding and offshore, mobile machinery, vehicles & rail transportation, construction, medical and general metalwork, etc. This new welding power source possesses leading inverter technology and digitalized control, combined with other equipment and solutions from ESAB, it can provide welding life cycle management, seamless connection with manual and robot welding, and maximized value for general industrial manufacturing.

Fab MIG Pulse- Main Photos

Fabricator™ Mig family includes two models: MIG 350P and 500P

The new Fabricator™ Mig digital multi-process inverter is featured with powerful functions, abundant interfaces, easy operation, high reliability, easy upgrade, and other advantages as follows:

  • Leading IGBT inverter technology: The main circuit adopts the world-leading HF IGBT full-bridge inverter technology, significantly reducing the size of the machine and improving the power-to-weight ratio. 
  • New digital control mode: With high-performance processor as DSP, it controls the whole welding process and makes it more stable; it is applicable for welding different materials with little spatter, good weld fusion and pretty weld appearance. 
  • Both robot and manual welding: The machine is equipped with a universal robot analog interface, through which it can be connected to a robot for automated welding; meanwhile, it can also work with compatible digital wire feeder for manual welding. 
  • “Synergic”: In MIG process, this machine has in-built “synergic” parameters for welding wires of different materials and diameters with different shield gases. The whole welding process is accurate, simple and efficient.
  • Multiple parameter sets available: The machine has 20 sets of parameters that enables storing and using all welding states and parameters, to serve multiple users with one machine. Each user can set their own customized welding processes and parameters without affecting each other. 
  • Easy to use: The intuitive human-machine interface makes robot welding operation more convenient for the operators; after connected to a robot, the main parameter setting and most functions can be realized through a robot controller, without having to make special settings. 
  • Reliable performance: Both external structure and internal components are elaborately designed and fully certified. Processed with special protections such as anti-shock and dust-proof, the equipment can work in the harshest jobsite for long time. 
  • Easy upgrade: With high-performance processor as DSP, the user can download the upgrade program through a special program download interface, to meet all your demand on process development.

Fab MIG Pulse- News 2

The intuitive human-machine interface makes robot welding operation more convenient for the operators; each parameter can be set easily through the buttons on the front panel

 “The development of the new products reveals ESAB’s deep insight and comprehension of the feedbacks from our customers. Based on the true demand of the market, the superior and powerful welders were developed for the Asian manufacturing industry. It has also inherited the ESAB’s global technology, implied ESAB’s industrial experience in the regional market and further improved the localization of the entire value chain of ESAB Welding and Cutting”, said Stanley Chew, Managing Director of ESAB Asia Pacific.