TBi relocated successfully to ESAB ZJG site, continue to offer improved products and services

November 26, 2020

The production facility for TBi China has been successfully relocated to ESAB ZhangJiaGang Jiangsu from Little Duck Industrial Park Ji’nan Shandong.  Other functions for TBi China including sales, marketing, technical support and demonstration center, have also moved to a new office in Ji’nan Lushang FREDA Plaza.

TBi relocation - 1

The full spectrum of TBi operations, including welding torch and cleaning station production lines, quality, logistics and warehousing, now reside at ESAB ZJG site. As one of the three major production locations in ESAB Global, ESAB ZJG is equipped with comprehensive manufacturing capacity and ZJG team will continue to improve the business utilizing CBS tool to create an integrated, specialized and modern welding torch and accessories manufacturing center that can provide all-round service and support to the customers in China and Asia Pacific regions as well as worldwide.

TBi relocation -2

TBi relocation -3 
 “TBi has been serving China market for 17 years, and our product quality and leading position in GMAW have been proven over time along with positive market feedback. To better cope with the change of market demands and industrial upgrade, we have relocated TBi from Jinan to ESAB ZJG. Moving forward, TBi business will leverage on current ESAB’s resources to upgrade and elevate TBi’s comprehensive manufacturing and service capacity to a new height and bring high quality products and service to the local market.” said by Chris Yan, General Manager of TBi China.

TBi relocation -4
“The consolidation of TBI operations into ESAB ZJG site is a strategic move to streamline our China manufacturing footprint. This is one big step forward to make ESAB ZJG a true “SUPER” plant. ESAB ZJG is now the production site for a wide product range  - welding torches, arc accessories, gas control equipment, plasma power source, cutting automation and filler metal. Together we will continue to drive for operations productivity by living our corporate VALUE and BEHAVIORS”, said Kenneth Qian, China Operations Leader. 

TBi relocation -7

TBi relocation -6

TBi, a brand originated from Germany, has been maintaining a leading position in global integrated GMAW torch industry. Many products were developed by TBi, such as planetary gear push-pull wire systems and robotic welding torches, representing the highest level of the industry. With its extensive application and continuous improvement, TBi welding torch solutions have been widely accepted and used in automobile, heavy truck, engineering machinery, structural steel and aluminum welding projects in China.